How Do Your Speakers Compare to…? | Arendal Sound

How Do Your Speakers Compare to…?

Most speaker companies these days, including traditional ones like Dali and B&W, make competent speakers. If you have the budget, you can probably purchase exceptional speakers from them as well. On the other end of the spectrum is Arendal Sound and for the price, we only make truly exceptional speakers as our aim is to offer a market-disrupting level of value.

Value-to-Cost Ratio

This is because unlike our competitors above, we are an internet-direct company and avoid dealers/distributors which allows us to offer a performance & quality/cost ratio that is unmatched, honestly speaking. Furthermore, what separates us from other internet-direct companies is our belief in avoiding “clever marketing,” while providing the best possible products backed by proven engineering and world-class customer service.

What about the Sound?

This is the real crux of the issue, the burning question that cannot be understood by simply scanning spec sheets. The short answer is that our speakers sound great because musicality comes first with smooth highs, neutral character, and a very even off-axis frequency response. Cinemaphiles love our designs because we have managed to make them extremely dynamic and effortless with little distortion at high SPLs.

So when comparing our designs to competitors, you must ask yourself if the above fundamental characteristics also apply to those other speakers. Which traits are a priority for your acoustical palate? Finally, compare price/support; from there the right decision should be clear.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

In summary, our speakers have a fine balance of aesthetics, haptics, heritage, components, performance, more performance, and cost. We like to think of our customer service as the icing on the cake.