Is the 1961 Center Too Small for the 1961 Towers? | Arendal Sound

Is the 1961 Center Too Small for the 1961 Towers?

Considering the 1961 Center’s compact size relative to the 1961 Towers, some may wonder if it can “keep up” or match the SPL of the taller speakers. Let’s dig into why this is an unfortunate misconception.


The 1961 Center and Monitor are the exact same design with an inverted rear layout, thus a perfect match as your front stage LCR. Placing the 1961 Center between the larger towers, with their two extra woofers and rear port might psychologically prepare one to be disappointed, but fear not. If you remove the bottom two bass drivers on the 1961 Tower, it is the exact same mid-woofer / tweeter / mid-woofer design of the 1961  Monitor/Center. Outside of bass extension, they are perfect matches.

At the risk of getting too technical, the human voice starts at around 100hz and up, well within the capabilities of the 1961 Center. While the towers are definitely more dynamic down low, these differences are not noticeable when using a subwoofer. 

In conclusion, the 1961 Center performs just as it was designed, to put a grin on your face for years to come.