What Cables/Speaker Wire Do You Recommend?

Cables can be a controversial topic in the audio industry, but when approached scientifically, it is a simple topic based on a few factors. Let’s jump in.

The Same Basic Principles

Like good speakers, good cables are neutral in sonic signature. To put it bluntly, they “get outta the way” and let the sound come through as intended. One way this is achieved is by the cable being well insulated, or “shielded”. Cables without a good layer of protection are more susceptible to electronic interference from surrounding components and power cords.

Resistance is Futile

The longer the cable or speaker wire, the thicker it should be. This ensures that the signal, or power, is always available in sufficient amounts. The chart below is a typical guide for speaker wire gauge, although we do not recommend using anything less than 14AWG even for short cables on our speakers.



There is nothing wrong with paying more for a good-looking cable; just make sure it is not a weak link in your system as some expensive cables measure worse than much less expensive brands. Blue Jeans JC-1 cables are efficiently designed, well shielded, and measure well. Mogami cables have a strong reputation as well. If you have a little more to spend, Kimber Kable makes some beautiful, well-respected products.