Why Does Some of Our Speakers Shows as 1 and Not 2 in the Cart?

Some of our speakers do show as 1 in the cart as the speakers are packed in pairs. 

These are the following:

1961 Bookshelf

1961 Monitor

1961 Height

1961 Surround

So when you order these as one, you get one pair of speakers.


The 1723 Surround and 1723 Surround S are not packed in pairs, but they come in a configuration of Left and Right speakers.

Therefore, when you order these, the cart will show these speakers as a pair. You get 2 speakers, one left and one right speaker.



The reason for the left and right specific speakers is that the side-mounted drivers in this TriAxial surround are mounted out of phase with each other, is to create a large, rear surround field. The side driver that is in phase with the front-mounted drivers, needs to be the one pointing at the front speakers for optimal surround effect placement and steering. This means that the TriAxial surrounds are mirror-image pairs.

They are marked left and right on the label with the serial number on the back of the speakers.