1723 Bookshelf S THX review – 13th Note Hifi Reviews

The Arendal excels in transient attack, speed, neutrality, dynamic response, and versatility across music genres, showcasing impressive resolution and speed compared to the Buchardt S400 MK2, Monitor Audios Gold 100, and KEF LS50 meta.

“….you get this really good depth staging and height staging with these speakers, because the bass and the treble and the drivers are so well integrated.”

“…this also gives a sense of pinpointing sounds well in this accomplished way, that these speakers deal with sound stage.”

“..they’re very neutral and treble isn’t bright and it’s bang on. It doesn’t come at you in too forceful away and nor do you get the sense that there’s anything kind of overly dramatic or histrionic.”

“Bass is very fast, it’s under great control and dynamic transients are very good.”

“….that’s probably why you get better height perception of these speakers, because the drivers are very well integrated with one another.”

“….you get very good qualitative bass with this speakers, that perhaps some rear firing bass refelex designs can’t achieve as well, particularly with room boundry effects in the mix.”

“I personally would have these Arendals (over the Buchardt S400 MK2) for transient attack, speed, neutrality, dynamic response and just being able to cope with more types of music, in the sense of resolution and speed.”

“I do actually think that these Arendals are the improvers in pretty much every respect, other than lower bass performance, compared to Monitor Audios Gold 100.”

“I personally would have the Arendals (over the KEF LS50 meta), for their transient attack, resolution and way bigger and bolder sound stage.”

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