1723 Bookshelf S THX review- Nemo Propaganda

It is absolutely on another level and that's what Arendal is known for. You can spend twice as much money and not see build quality this good.

“Anytime we review an Arendal product, the first standout feature is always fit, finish, and build quality: It is absolutely on another level and it’s what they’re known for. You can spend twice as much money and not see build quality this good.”

“The speaker just screams quality, and I would consider this an heirloom piece!”

“I know I already talked about fit & finish, but the way these cabinets are finished in this matte (satin) white; again, absolutely incredible!”

“The speakers are about $1600 USD at the time of this review, and let me just get it out of the way: The price is absolutely fair and you’re definitely getting a lot for your money.”

“…a lot of clarity, a lot of sparkle, a lot of snap.”

“…oh my goodness the staging! … it really gave me a sense of distance to the sound.”

“Everything sounds correct as it should.”

“This is a speaker that is pretty much all about accuracy.”

“If you’re looking for a fantastic speaker that is dead to rights neutral for the most part, isn’t going to color the sound in any way, and instead gives you really big staging, really good clarity overall, just a really good clean sound and not add anything to the mix – here you go!”

“The Arendal 1723 Bookshelf S stages wider, deeper, and substantially taller (than the KEF LS50 Meta).”

“The Arendal is going to give you more detail, better detail retrieval, and more resolution, it’s more refined even (than the Buchardt P300).”

“To see the 1723 Bookshelf S build on all the greatness that the little 1961 Bookshelf had and take it to another level, I absolutely love it!”

“Arendal continues to make excellent products at price points that don’t make sense. If this speaker was sold in a store, I’d expect it to be well north of 3k honestly.”

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