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1723 Monitor S THX review – Cheapaudioman

"These are the best home theater speakers I've ever heard."

“Impeccably done, brilliant build quality.”

“If somebody said this was a 5000$ speaker, I’d have been like: okay!

“These are the best home theater speakers I’ve ever heard.”

“The largeness of the sound is otherworldly.”

Dialog: super clean, super clear.”

“The sound stage is spectacular.”

“Very natural, balanced bass with tangibility, with clarity, very impressive when it comes to the bass.”

“This speaker is about as colorless and true to the source, maybe as I ever heard.”

“I don’t know really how to put into words just how good this speaker is.”

“It is the best neutral speaker I’ve ever heard.”

“Instrument separation is otherworldly.”

“Placement in space, sound stage, and imaging is otherworldly.”

“Tonally accurate, no color, no warmth, no coolness, just the music or the movies.”

“The speaker is incredibly dynamic and efficient, even on lower-powered home theater receivers.”

“This speaker not only justifies its price, but after hearing a lot of higher-end products, I think the Arendal would absolutely embarrass them.”

“10 out of 10 speaker for me, I don’t have anything to complain about.”


“Just blown away by this speaker.”

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