1723 Monitor S THX review – Stereo & Video

Arendal 1723 Monitor S speaker systems are designed primarily for home theater systems, even highlighting THX certification.

Norwegians for Hi-Fi and Home Cinema


However, with careful placement in the listening area, high-quality music reproduction will also be fully equipped. Without a subwoofer I recommend removing foam from the station. In a smaller listening area, the bass is enough and have precise contours. In the “closed system” state bass is less and they look more accurate. When listening against the high-tone speaker axis, the spectrum is balanced with immutable space and precise localization, even at higher listening volumes. Like larger models, the Monitor S THX are primarily a quality loudspeakers, and unfocused background listening off-base is not entirely comfortable due to greater directionality.

For (+): Excellent sound
For (+): Dutiful construction

Against (–): Perhaps only that the bookshelf loudspeakers I can imagine more compact

Review by Pavel Urbanek.

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