1723 Tower S THX “product of The Year” award – Stereo+

Arendal Sound has managed to shrink the loudspeaker a lot without losing dynamics, sound signature and the great soundstage. An impressive loudspeaker!

1723 Tower S THX seems like its made to play loud and powerful, nevertheless it shows itself to be a refined loudspeaker with great detailing, and it’s midbass and heavy deep bass makes it one of really few full-range loudspeakers you can buy for under 30.000,- NOK (3.000 EUR). The loudspeaker plays almost all the way down to the deepest bass, and creates a big and accurate soundstage with lots of details and a powerful and entertaining soundstage.


  • Powerful
  • More detailed than expected
  • Impressive punch and dynamic
  • Easier to place compared to its big brother
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