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1961 9.4.4 review – Sound & Vision Magazine

It's all here in these 1961 speakers. Music, movies, games... Any good mix is reproduced in all its glory. The system is nothing short of astonishing.

Powerful, accurate sound. The compact size and modern, minimalist aesthetic fit in perfectly.

This isn’t what you’d call overpriced audio jewelry. It is modern and solidly built and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, it performs and offers great value.

Chest slam, tangible textures, tactile infrasonics, it’s all there in abundance. Having this much bass firepower can make watching certain movies that are not shy about shaking things up a truly tactile experience.

What matters more than sheer loudness is that the bass is tight and extends beyond the limits of human hearing at moderate listening levels I use for cinematic viewing on a weeknight.


The goal of this setup is to put a 9.4.4 system in my loft’s main living area and achieve home theater-quality sound. Since I’m renting and both the floors and ceiling are made of concrete, my best choice is standalone and wall-mounted speakers. Read more.


The consistently sublime sound of the 1961s is no accident, it is the result of applying audio science and taking care of the details. This is a rare speaker where the system sounded balanced without any adjustments whatsoever.

I found the Arendal 1961 speakers not merely producing sound, but crafting an electronic orchestra in my room. The audible nuances in the tracks circled around my head with ease, creating an audiosphere as enveloping as it was entrancing. The entire auditory experience was like staring at a hologram—clean, precise and thrillingly lifelike.

In the digital landscape of Tomb Raider, played on an Xbox Series X, the game world was no longer confined to the screen. Whether escaping from a cave or exploring a tomb, there were times when the audio illusion of being in that space was convincing. Read more.


Arendal 1961 speakers do so many things right it makes me feel guilty that I could not find problems to harp about. But after years of reviewing surround systems, I know what to look and listen for, and it’s all here in these 1961 speakers. Music, movies, games—the Arendal 1961 doesn’t pick favorites. Any good mix is reproduced in all its glory.

My wife was won over by the white cabinets with black drivers but mostly the great sound, and wishes this was in fact our system. We’ve been together for 30 years, so she’s heard as many speakers as I have—we still listen to music together every day.

Cliches often become so because they hold a kernel of truth. In the case of the Arendal 1961 speakers, the overused ‘sounds amazingly good’ isn’t just a worn-out phrase—it’s a factual statement.

You can tell there’s a thoughtful design process behind these speakers. Every component and design element shows careful deliberation. But the real proof is in the performance, both measured and experienced—the system is nothing short of astonishing.