1961 Monitor + Subwoofer 1S - Product Of The Year - Stereo + | Arendal Sound

1961 Monitor + Subwoofer 1S – Product Of The Year – Stereo +

Great bang for your buck!

This 2.1 package is versatile and works great for most genres you throw at it. It truly excels with rhythmic music, delivering an incredible experience with guitars, electronic music, and rap. This is where the impressively deep bass shows its power and allows the speakers to flex their dynamic muscles. With Infected Mushroom and their track “Heavyweight,” the experience is incredibly entertaining, enjoyable, and lively. As the song progresses, you get to test how well the speakers handle hard-hitting synths, heavy guitars, and weighty basslines. Impressive!

If you’re looking for speakers that play deep, loud, and dynamically, a 2.1 system might be exactly what you need. The quality and enthusiasm demonstrated by this package easily rivals floor-standing speakers in a similar price range. It’s a clear sonic upgrade from the bookshelf setup.

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