1961 Tower review – Hatoraid Cowboy Cinema

"My home theater has never sounded this good. Budget-friendly, high-quality, for those who are limited in space."

“My home theater has never sounded this good.”

“Budget-friendly, high-quality, for those who are limited in space.”

“I didn’t really know what I was missing out on until I got the 1723 Center S and realized…WOW! I can not and will not ever go back.”

“The 1961 punched well above their weight in pretty much every category and integrated seamlessly with their much bigger counterpart the 1723 Center S.”

“Don’t let their smaller size fool you, because the 1961 absolutely rocks and integrates seamlessly with my 1723 Center S channel.”

Final thoughts:

“I absolutely love these 1961 speakers. These are by far the best speakers that I’ve ever had in my home theater.”

“When I first unboxed them I was Wow, these are a lot smaller than I was expecting.”

“Don’t let the size fool you, because these things rock!”  

“I love that now I can turn up the volume on movies and I don’t have to lose fidelity and clarity, I don’t have to worry about any distortion, harshness, fatigue, none of that stuff.”

“I am glad I went with Arendal for my home theater.”

Unboxing video:

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