Just honest prices everyday

Everyone’s doing it, so why aren’t we?

Well, we’re not ones for jumping on the bandwagon. Especially when that bandwagon contributes to 50 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. We don’t buy into buying stuff just because it’s a bargain.

But everyone likes a good deal…

Absolutely. So that’s what we offer every day of the year. Instead of just the illusion of one at the end of November. No consumerist buy more, save more madness, or lure-ins on discounted dead stock for us.

Our minimalist aesthetic extends to our mark-ups

Many discounted prices out there are just phantom mark-downs on seasonally inflated price tags. Because our brand is built on selling direct to you, without any middlemen, we keep our margins as low as we can manage, Friday, Monday, or Sunday.

The only rush we like is the one you get from feeling the music 

We make our products thoughtfully, for people who choose them thoughtfully. Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you take the decision slow – talking you through, offering our 60-day auditions, and only letting you flash your plastic when you know you’ve found the right product for you.

And, to be fair, you can still score a special deal today

If you share our ethos, love our products, and want to spread the music, you’re already halfway to being an Arendal Ambassador. Of the many perks, you can score 5% cashback. Or check out our Outlet for special deals on products returned from reviewers.