1723 amplifier settings – Best practice for Home Cinema

Here are the settings we recommend for Home Cinema purposes, settings not mentioned are ones we would rather leave as is unless you want to change them for any specific reason.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Amplifier Operation Manual in the handbook.

Please see our other guides for Dual Source or Stereo settings.


  1. Levels Menu  
    1. We recommend setting Ref. Level to on and let the AVR handle level adjustments.
    2. Next step is to set correct input gain. For normal modern AVR’s it will be +6dB (if you have 1V output) or 0dB (if you have 2V output). This setting will directly affect how loud the subwoofer plays at ref. level. For some customers running Audyssey it will typically indicate that the subwoofer level is too high if this setting is not adjusted as described.
  2. Crossover Menu
    1. We recommend setting LPF Bypass on and do crossover settings from the AVR.
    2. Leave phase at 0 degrees, and Signal Invert off.
    3. EQ mode 1 for larger rooms, or smaller rooms if you just want some extra rumble in the deepest bass. EQ2 mode will roll-off earlier and not give as much of an earthquake effect, and EQ3 mode will have the least amount of deep bass of the tree presets.
  3. Parametric EQ Menu
    1. Only make changes here if you have measured the response and know where you need to make some changes. Typically, a good built-in calibration on an AVR will make sure you get a perfectly flat frequency response.
  4. Input/Turn-on
    1. If your source has a 12V trigger output you can connect that to the subwoofers 3-12V trigger input and choose XLR 1 or RCA 1. Do not use XLR 1 + 2 or RCA 1 + 2 when using the LFE/Subwoofer output from your source, as it will decrease the input gain by 3dB.
    2. For setups that do not have 12V trigger outputs from their source, you must use the auto-on option for XLR 1 or RCA 1. 
  5. Setup Menu
    1. If you have multiple subwoofers in your setup, choose the correct number of subwoofers. It will adjust the gain level to match the combined output of all subwoofers, so you hit reference level at the same input gain.
    2. If Auto turn-on is active, we would recommend setting the Wake-up Sens. to High so the amplifier turns on with very low input signal.