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1723 Subwoofer benefits

1723 Subwoofers are very dynamic and musical subwoofers that I am sure will make you happy.

The amplifier panel is mounted on the back of the subwoofer and the driver is mounted on the right side of the cabinet, as seen in the pictures. You don’t have to worry that this is going to degrade the sound, because subwoofers act as omnidirectional devices in the bass frequencies. It basically means that you will get more or less the same performance no matter which way the driver is facing, there will be some small variances from one room to another, but we experienced that the subwoofer often plays better when it is facing against a side wall and not pointing directly towards the listener, because it seems to couple better with the room this way. The only reason to have the driver pointing at the listening position for single driver subs is if you cross them over at a high frequency, where they start to be directional.

We design and make all the components from scratch in our products. Nothing is off the shelf. We have designed the drivers for optimum sonic coherence, using Aluminum wire that is much lighter and yields close to the same current properties as normal wires, yet much higher power handling – the effect is less moving mass and higher dynamics. We are also using shorting rings that improve distortion and musicality of the subwoofers. It really improves the “kick” from the subwoofer. The magnet gap is deep enough so you will never hit the bottom of the driver, and the amplifier is designed to limit excursion before anything breaks. In general, the subwoofer has extremely low distortion in the entire operating range, up to 800W for 1723 Subwoofer 1S and Subwoofer 1V, and up to 1200W for 1723 Subwoofer 2S and Subwoofer 2V. It is limited so you will not experience high distortion ever. 

Basically, our design goal here is to create one of the most dynamic and musical subwoofers in the market, that also is able to follow “the big guys” in the SPL game in the lowest bass frequencies. To achieve this we are producing and selling directly, keeping our margins very low, so you as a customer are buying products that have a production cost that is similar to products priced around 2-3 times as high at retail price (going through middlemen, distribution, importers, bricks and mortar shops, etc.).

And last but not least, we take pride in delivering products with extremely high build quality and feel, from the first impression of opening the box until you have it sitting where it should in your room where you can just appreciate the aesthetics of it. The bottom end here is that we designed and produce products how we would really want them in our own rooms.