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App – How to Group Subwoofers


The subwoofers can be grouped together, for example if you have multiple subwoofer in the front of your room, and multiple subwoofers in the back of your room it could make sense to create one group for the front subwoofers and one for the rear subwoofers. This way they can be adjusted together for all settings on group level. 

After you have added one or several groups, you can click on the “Not grouped” text under the subwoofer name to add it to one of the groups you created.

By clicking the subwoofer name you can rename the subwoofer. 

By clicking the group name you can rename the group name.

Supported by 1723 Subwoofers.


Primary & Secondary subwoofers/groups

Clicking on the subwoofer type will select the subwoofer and you will be sent to the Level screen. If you choose a subwoofer that is in a group, this will be the primary subwoofer and all other subs in the group, or other selected groups, or if “select all” is toggled on, will be secondary subwoofers, meaning they will get any of the new settings that you apply to the primary subwoofer. 

Old settings stored on the primary subwoofer are not automatically transferred to the other subwoofers.