Can I Use the 1723 Series in a Smaller Room?

In general, we recommend our reference 1723 series for rooms at least 30 square meters or 323 square feet in size, with an average ceiling height. Compared to the 1961 and 1723 S series, you gain higher fidelity in the upper mid-bass, increased dynamics, and an overall more engaging audio experience. But as always, this is simply a guideline and not a hard rule.  Let’s go over some exceptions below.

An Accommodating Layout


One concern about placing large speakers in a smaller room is the inevitable lack of space. This often leads to compromised speaker placement. But if you happen to have enough space to properly position your speakers in relation to the main listening position, as well as maintain 20-30 cm between the front wall and the rear of the speakers, you can seriously consider our reference series. 

When Used with Subwoofers

Another concern regarding large speakers in a compact space is room nodes caused by low-frequency pressure. The larger enclosure paired with 8-inch drivers allows 1723 speakers to play the deepest most authoritative bass in our lineup. Thus the low-end from 1723 Towers in a stereo setup naturally presents challenges in a small room. 

But, when crossed over with ideally placed subwoofers, you can largely mitigate low-frequency pressurization issues. 

Computer Speakers

Believe it or not, the 1723 Monitor placed just behind a desk and at least 20-30cm from a wall, would make fantastic computer/studio monitors. Just make sure your monitor isn’t blocking the direct sound from the speaker!