Differences between 1961 and 1723 Subwoofers

The 1961 subwoofers are our “entry-level” subwoofers, although there is nothing really entry level about them. They are equipped with a 550W amplifier that has a bunch of adjustability, great sound and full power down to 10Hz. Equipped with long stroke 12.2” drivers that are meticulously designed to offer extremely high output for their size as well as very accurate playback with dynamics and transient response that are best-in-class.

The 1723 series are our reference series, and they do sound more dynamic, tighter and more musical than the 1961 series. With their 13.8” drivers they pressurise the room differently as well and the sound will be slightly more damped and “larger” coming from these. In terms of depth they are more or less the same, but 1723 does have more output over most of the range as they have larger drivers and more powerful amps of 800W or 1200W for the larger dual driver subs. The only exception being 1723 Subwoofer 1S vs 1961 Subwoofer 1S where the 1961 sub actually has a little more output below 20Hz.