Do I Have to Pay Taxes / Duties? | Arendal Sound

Do I Have to Pay Taxes / Duties?

Taxes/duties depend on where we are shipping. You can find details here but we will expand on that information a little more below.


DDP or Delivery Duty Paid, means we cover taxes/duties before shipment. Customers like this because they don’t have to worry about paying anything as the speakers enter the country.

DAP/DTU means Delivery At Place/Delivery Duty Unpaid, and the receiver of the shipment is responsible for taxes/duties. This type of shipment works fine as well, just expect a tax payment letter from our transport partner.

Overall DDP is a smoother process.

But I Got a Payment Request

Every once in a while, a DDP shipment will result in the receiver incorrectly getting a duty-payment letter. This happens because of a mixup in the following:

Arendal Sound creates a commercial invoice for your shipment, stating DDP.

Customs in the arrival country handle information manually, and incorrectly bill the receiver of goods even though all paperwork is correct.

You receive your shipment, but get a tax payment letter as well.

Sometimes the shipment is not delivered until the issue is resolved.

So What to Do?

First, do not pay as we have already done that for you. Contact us at and we will take care of it. Basically, we will send proof of tax payment again. In some countries this can be resolved in a business day or two, in others it can take over a week.

Just know that in the logistical chain sometimes happen, and no matter what, we have your back.