How can I apply to be an Arendal Sound Ambassador?


We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm just entering this article! Most likely its because you have an Arendal Sound product, but you may be overly enthusiastic about its performance too. We love being connected to the community and we appreciate your support and engagement. 



  • Welcome gift including 5% Arendal Cashback of your purchase
  • Ambassador discount on future upgrades (being an active Ambassador)
  • Be a part of the closed Arendal Sound Community Group where you can engage with other Ambassadors, like-minded people, and Arendal Sound staff
  • Be selected as early testers of new products
  • Be able to affect product vision and launches with polls and closed group discussions
  • Get access to future programs
  • And more.


Anyone can join The Ambassador Program™. It’s about community. You can easily sign up for the program on a single form and we will get back to you with further instructions. As Arendal Sound products are premium, we do have certain standards required from our Ambassadors. In the application process, we will qualify the rooms and setup from the images taken with the room layout. This does not mean we are only looking for Hi-End systems. We are looking for rooms being properly set up and with a clean look. The images are after all going on to our website as a trusted Ambassador.

Do you have a pure stereo system in a living room? Perfect. We are not only asking for Home Theaters. We want Arendal Sound to be shown in all kinds of scenarios. Arendal Sound is more than a home theater.

There are some easy steps to be set up as an Arendal Sound Ambassador.
Buy first.
Show proof.
Get Cashback.

The Cashback is your welcome gift. You become an Arendal Sound Ambassador because you want to.




  1. Purchase your Arendal Sound product at retail price
  2. When the system is received and set up, then apply through our application form. You will be asked some simple questions and that you send us images for approval. We encourage you to keep the room clean and optimized for the public, remove unnecessary things. Keep in mind that optimized light condition is important.
    PS! Don’t take it personally if we need to get images redone to align with our standards. We can help you to achieve the best possible look.
  3. Arendal Sound will go through the application process for approval
  4. Get Cashback as a refund
  5. Images and your storytelling from the application process will be added to the Ambassador web page
  6. You are now an official member of Arendal Sound Ambassadors.


  1. All approved Ambassadors get approved 5% Cashback refunded immediately as a welcome gift.
  2. You buy a 5.0/5.1 system (or more) or 2.0 (for the stereo category). Or, that you add items from a previous system you own to make it a full fledge Arendal Sound system
  3. The 5% Cashback is calculated only for items bought within the previous 6 months, and bought at retail price
  4. Cashback refunds are paid back to the original payment method
  5. You have to decide whether you want to become an Ambassador within 6 months after your purchase (will not count for second-handed customers) to be applicable for the Cashback
  6. Multiple images of the room and product details must be provided and should uphold a given level of quality and tidiness of the room layout
  7. The description of your system (in English from the Ambassador questionnaire form) provided by the application
  8. You have to decide whether you want to comply (or reject) with customers contacting you, via Arendal Sound, for a demo. Your contact details will not be officially provided and communication will go through us only (unless you would allow us to)
  9. Arendal Sound will be free to use content and images on and promotions, in the way it was meant to be used
  10. Arendal Sound will be free to have Ambassadors on-site for a minimum of 12 months
  11. Arendal Sound can at any time change the Terms & Conditions or discontinue the program at any time

We look forward to seeing you!