Legacy 1723 Subwoofers – LED status

LED mode indicator – Indicates what status the amplifier is in, whether it is in standby, power on, mute or protect. It will also blink during boot up and shutdown (unless shutdown from standby). Standby is indicated by a RED light. Power on is indicated with a GREEN light.



The LED will be solid RED until it senses a signal, then will turn solid GREEN

“My subwoofer doesn’t go to solid green mode, whats wrong?” – In this scenario there is either a problem with the signal from your source or the cable, or you simply don’t play loud enough to make the amplifier turn on. 

“I have to play loud before the subwoofer starts” – In this scenario you could try to increase the gain from your source, and at the same time decrease the subwoofer gain to keep the same output. If you don’t have the option of increasing gain from your source you can try to use a y-split if you are using a single RCA cable to the subwoofer, as it will increase the gain from the source and thus cause the subwoofer to turn on sooner. 

Always on

After the amp boots up it will attempt to detect a signal at one of the inputs. LED flashes green. The signal threshold follows the chart above for required voltage to sense. Once turned on, the LED will be solid GREEN and the other input will be ignored.

“LED is flashing green, not getting any sound” – The subwoofer is not receiving a signal. Check your source and cable.

“LED is solid green, but I am not getting any sound” – If you are using XLR cables on the input and this happens, then contact customer support for further assistance. It most likely means the amplifier is somehow connecting on RCA input instead of XLR input.