My Amplifier Is Rated for More Than Your Speakers Are, Will I Be Okay?

Is short: Yes, that will be no problem at all.

Our 1723 Tower speakers for example are rated for 500 watts max at 4 ohms.
Using an amplifier that can output 600 watts will not harm the speaker.
The key factor here is that the amp can output 600 watts. That doesn’t mean it’s actually outputting 600 watts at all times, the speaker only draws the power it needs in the given moment.
From our experience, your ears are begging you to stop long before you reach power levels of that magnitude. A higher output amplifier will deliver the actually needed power with less distortion and better sound quality.

Please also see: How much power do I really need?

As long as you use common sense and your goal isn’t to destroy the speakers or ears, you will be fine!