My Shipment Hasn’t Arrived Yet – Why?

We understand you want to hear your speakers as soon as possible. In fact, we want you to start enjoying them as well so you can spread the word. Unfortunately, the journey from warehouse to customer is at times fraught with peril, trials, and random customs inspections. Below are some reasons why your shipment may take longer than usual.

International Ports – The world’s largest ports handle approximately 36,400 20-foot containers per day, on average. Sometimes there are dramatic unforeseen events like the temporary lockdown of a port, or something as small as a single human error that leads to a domino effect.

Local Transport Partners – We see them every day rushing from one stop to the next, usually running when they are not driving. Local transport is a demanding business and time is of the essence. As expected this constant rush and the pure volume of shipments inevitably results in items sometimes being sent to the incorrect transport hub.

Customs – All items must formally pass through customs when imported into a country. Most go through smoothly but some, even with the proper paperwork, get randomly inspected leading to delays.

We are always on the side of our customers and are happy to help dig in if your shipment is delayed. If your shipment is delayed for some reason, we urge you to contact our transport partner. Afterwards, if your package still isn’t moving, let us know and we’ll jump in with you to get things resolved.