The Condition of Outlet Items



Items sold in the outlet section are very popular and tend to sell fast. But what condition can one expect when their shipment arrives? Spoiler alert: you can expect outlet items to be very similar to an unopened new item.

Where Do They Come From?

The majority of outlet items are returns from customers; some are demo units. You can expect your outlet item to be in like-new condition, with very light signs of use like fingerprints or hairline marks if you really look for them. Many customers who purchase outlet items along with new ones cannot tell the difference. 

Cosmetic Damage

All outlet items are inspected before shipment, and some items have cosmetic issues. In these cases, we will notify you with pictures from the warehouse beforehand and offer a larger discount. 

Peace of Mind

Outlet items come with the same warranty and 60-Day Audition period as our new speakers. We proudly back all products sold and of course, you get the same great customer service we are known for. We hope this will encourage you to purchase outlet items with confidence. They are a truly great value!