What If There Is Shipping Damage on My Product? | Arendal Sound

What If There Is Shipping Damage on My Product?

We all look forward to the delivery of a new speaker just like a child at Christmas. A dented or lightly damaged box is almost expected, but when that damage reaches your new purchase, it is always disheartening. Here is what to do if you receive a damaged item.

Start with the Box

If your box arrives damaged, document it with pictures. Next, carefully open the box and continue to document the extent of the damage with photos as well. Make sure the lighting is good so that the type of damage is clear.

The Unexpected

It is rare for the speaker itself to be damaged, but even in those cases, it is almost always cosmetic. Document this with photos as well, then start the 50-hour break-in period to make sure your speaker functions as it should.

Reach Out

Contact sales@arendalsound.com with photos attached. Our team will assess the damage and make sure you are satisfied in the end.