What In-Ceiling Speakers do you Recommend?

Height Channels – The Last Frontier

While there are audible benefits to mounting an enclosed height speaker to a ceiling like our 1961 and 1723 S series, we can point you in the right direction if you absolutely must use in-ceiling speakers for Atmos duties. 

Our designs prioritize a well-balanced and neutral sound with excellent off-axis frequency response. Thus if you can find an in-ceiling speaker with these core attributes, you are off to a good start.

Keeping up with our speaker designs when it comes to dynamics and SPL is a more difficult task, but not impossible. In general, a high-quality robust design with an in-ceiling enclosure or “back” will help as this reduces resonances and sound leakage into the wall. Just be aware that these robust designs tend to be expensive.

Should you use an in-ceiling speaker that can be angled towards the main listening position? Dolby does not specifically recommend doing so; while it is not really a must, we would recommend angled options as you will have a better frequency response in the main listening positions.