Why Don’t You Change Shippers?

When problems arise, we wish they could be fixed with a push of a button, but unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated. Here is some insight into why we view certain issues from a long-term perspective.

Nothing Lasts Forever

It is important to understand that our team is always fighting to correct logistical concerns. In fact, we are constantly working to make sure past concerns do not happen again. This process can take weeks and even months to fully correct considering the complexity in the logistics chain (warehouse, transport partner, Customs, local transport partner, etc.).

Persistence is key, and we are a stubborn team in the best way. Rest assured that we will eventually rectify major concerns. That being said, some customers find it hard to understand why things weren’t fixed yesterday.

Snap – It’s Just in the Movies

The reality is that logistic partners are deeply engrained in our daily business structure. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with key members of other companies, people that play critical roles when getting items to your door.

The question is, would changing transport partners really yield a different result? From our experience, it is much better to work with those in the current logistics chain and permanently correct issues, even if it takes longer than we’d like.

But I’m Willing to Pay More for the Transport

Every once in a while a customer who is experiencing delivery issues says that they would have happily paid more for “a more reliable” transport company. At the same time, we get daily requests for discounts and promo codes.

Just know that in the long run, despite world-altering events, we are determined to get better at what we do, including the outsourced aspects of our business that tend to take a little longer to fix. Most importantly, though we can’t just snap our fingers and make logistical issues go away, will we always have your back.