Why Not More Speakers Like 9.2.4?

Some customers seek advice on speaker layout for their space, and are disappointed when we recommend a 5.1 or 7.1 setup. Keep reading for some insight as to why we sometimes recommend a more conservative number of speakers.

Why So Few?

We all know that speakers that are ideally placed in relation to the main listening position will result in better sound. Thus we normally recommend a smaller speaker layout when a room is compact.

The above is especially true for smaller rooms, where forcing in too many speakers will compromise ideal placement. When a small room is filled with speakers, you tend to lose the distinction between the different channels. If you do choose to add more speakers, consider room treatment to control reflections.

But Don’t You Want My Money?

We definitely appreciate your business, but we are not into upselling and definitely don’t want to water down the transient fidelity of your room with too many speakers. It’s as simple as that.

The First Step

We urge you to start with the number of speakers our support specialists recommend, live with the system for a while, and if you feel like you are really lacking something, you can move forward from there. As we all know, audio is all about the journey.