NEW 1723 BOOKSHELF S THX | Arendal Sound


Arendal, Norway – February 6 2019 – Arendal Sound listen to the needs and demands of the community. There have been many requests from engaging Arendal Sound owners as well as “bystanders”, for a smaller slightly more living room (wife?) friendly speaker. This is Arendal Sounds answer.

The Arendal Sound 1723 family is growing! Now with Bookshelf S as the smallest and latest member. Featuring a completely custom built 2-way lineup of mid-bass driver and a waveguide tweeter you cannot find anywhere else. The materials, quality, drivers and crossover components are the same premium level as you would only expect from any of the 1723 family members. Bigger is not always better.


1723 Bookshelf S was developed for even smaller spaces, or to offer great soundstage from a small speaker. Due to the exact same components and sound philosophies, the Bookshelf S can be perfectly matched to any of the 1723 speakers. Small and compact, yet incredibly powerful, dynamic and detailed with a big soundstage. Only the best experience for music and movies as you would expect from the Arendal Sound 1723 series.

Available finishes

1723 Bookshelf comes in four premium finishes;

Availability end of February 2019.