1723 Tower THX & 1723 Surround S THX review – Spec Of Tech

If you are looking for a fantastic all-round speaker, it's going to be exceptional for movies, and it is going to be exceptional for music. They've just done a really good job of making an exceptional all-rounder here.

“They have done an excellent job at this price point, even ignoring the price point they’ve done an excellent job on the build of the speaker and they went over and above what some other speaker companies do.”

“They are not cheaping out on anything.”

“They are very detailed, they are very clean.”

“The midrange does work fantastic for male and female voices, it is a very pleasing sound.”

“Tight punchy bass.”

“When using these speakers for home theater, they are absolutely fantastic”

“I cranked it up and they remained crisp and clean, very punchy and with low distortion.”

“They’re just a really good all-rounder speaker.”

“If you are looking for just a fantastic all-around speaker that’s going to be exceptional for movies, it’s going to be amazing for music.”

“They have just done a really good job an exceptional all-rounder here.”

“There is nothing really negative you can point out.”