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"The speakers transported me to the performance space. It sounded like I was sitting in the best seat in a concert hall for this performance."

“…their simple, clean styling would make them a good fit in a wide variety of environments, and even more upscale interiors.”

The definition of the instruments and their imaging was presented terrifically by the 1961 Monitors.”

“…Her high alto range voice has a smooth, rounded quality that is exceptionally easy on the ears, and the 1961 Monitors articulated this gorgeous recording of her voice with clarity.”

“…transition from calm to explosive and back to calm, and the dynamic range of these speakers delivered the intent of these passages with ease.”

“…the speakers transported me to the performance space; it sounded like I was sitting in the best seat in a concert hall for this performance.”

“Tonally, everything sounded natural, human voices and instruments alike.”

“…This is the kind of dynamic range I have come to expect from Arendal. I enjoyed this performance of “St Matthew Passion,” and the 1961 Monitors were not at all lacking for a recording of such high quality. I am sure classical music lovers would be quite pleased with these speakers’ capability.”

“The first thing I noticed was, again, how superlative the 1961 Monitors could image. Lead instruments were dead center of the soundstage, with various percussion instruments leaning left or right and atmospheric effects swirling around the soundstage like phantoms.”

“The soundstage presented by the speakers was enveloping and panoramic, which is exactly what it should be…”

“I cranked the volume, and right away I knew these speakers had a very healthy dynamic range.”

“Throughout the album, I never heard anything resembling distortion or compression, and the speakers retained their composure for its duration.”

“These speakers can hit hard, and they can do so cleanly.”

“This elaborate sound mix was beautifully rendered by the 1961 Monitors, and the subtle echoes and whispers that underscored many of the more surreal passages were soft yet still clear with this sound system.”

“These measurements just tell a lot of good news about the 1961 Monitors and no real bad news.”

“This response as a whole is beautifully neutral. This is a loudspeaker that accurately reproduces the source signal.”

“The 1961 Monitor could easily be used as a studio monitor to mix and master content because it’s accurate enough to let you know exactly what is happening in your mix. No frequency range is disproportionate with respect to anything else.”

“The Arendal Sound 1961 Monitors have no weaknesses that I could reasonably criticize them for.”

“The 1961 Monitors have a magnificently neutral response and have an even tighter response window than their higher-end 1723 Monitor siblings.”

“They are tonally accurate and simply reproduce whatever signal they are fed with no coloration or ‘voicing.’”

“The 1961 Monitors aren’t large speakers but they can kick hard.”

“They have lots of headroom and are ideal for small-to-medium-sized home theaters. They could also be used as side or rear surrounds in large home theaters. Their modest size belies their output capability.”

“Outside of their superlative audio performance, the build quality is really good. The enclosure, drivers, and crossover circuit are all made to a high level.”

“They are well-designed and well-made products that I can recommend without any reservations or caveats.”

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