Harnessing the knowledge, customer feedback, manufacturing partners and experience of selling audio across Europe for a decade, we have brought all of this to bear on our first in­house products ­ The Arendal Sound 1723 Series loudspeakers and subwoofers. In taking this step, Arendal Sound products had to embody a set of core principles that will rule these and subsequent releases:

What we came up with is not a revolution, but is 100% ground up new and it is 100% ours. You will not find our drivers, our crossovers, our cabinets, even our binding posts anywhere else. They have been developed in­house and are unique to Arendal Sound.

High Power Driver Lineup

Our driver lineup is centered around our brand new 28mm tweeter, developed with an acoustic waveguide, to control and smooth and extend the on and off­-axis frequency response, whilst delivering huge efficiency gains. Crossed at a very low 1500Hz, the speaker withstood 24 hours of pink noise at 200W RMS.

The low crossover was essential in eliminating off­axis frequency response anomalies, smoothing the transition to our 8” mid­bass driver that delivers natural dynamics and effortless deep, low distortion bass like no smaller driver can.

1723 Tower, Monitor, Center, Surround & Stand

1723 Tower bruker four (4) 8” mid­bass drivers with the 28mm tweeter in a 2.5­way MTMWW floorstander configuration, capable of handling the largest amplifiers and driving the largest spaces with ease. The 1723 Monitor and it’s closely related 1723 Center sibling take the MTM and place it in a stand mount cabinet that has a matching stand, but can also be wall mounted with dedicated wall mounts. The Monitor and Center combine to create a seamless front sound stage in an uber capable multichannel system, or as a smaller stereo pair that gives nothing away to it’s bigger brother in quality. 1723 Monitor can also be used as a full range speaker in a stereo system.

For surround and height channels, we placed a TW array on the front baffle and flanked it on either side with a pair of di­polar 4” full­range drivers, fully custom built to our unique specification. The result is the highest output TriAxial surround speaker, bar none. Sold in handed pairs, the 1723 Surround is suited to side, rear and height channels, comfortably delivering the latest high bit­rate surround codecs, with the full dynamic range. No excuses.

Premium build quality

Arendal Sound products are using HDF thicknesses ranging from 18 to 50mm throughout the designs, with critical areas like driver mounting and cabinet bases being the thickest. All cabinets are optimized for a tight transient response in sealed configuration, while some are equipped with ports that can be unplugged to assist in room tuning, or just because you like a bit more bottom end.

All speakers and subwoofers bear the same attention to detail. Solid slabs of aluminium, were others would use plastic. Fabric damped metal grills where others would use bendy
MDF. Hidden magnetic fixings where others would use cup and pins. Our speaker look and
feel luxurious, whichever angle you choose to inspect them from.

13.8” Subwoofers and Avalanche DSP power

Of course, speakers of such epic capabilities need a sub­bass foundation of extraordinary performance and so we developed three sealed subwoofers, all sharing our 48bit DSP controlled Avalanche DSP plate amps and an astonishing 13.8” sub­bass driver. We couldn’t find a driver we liked, so we did it the hard way again!

A single 13.8” driver and Avalanche 500DSP together would make a range topping subwoofer of prodigious, low distortion capability, but for us, that’s just the little one ­ The 1723 Subwoofer 1.

Dual Opposing 13.8” Drivers

1723 Subwoofer 2, doubles up both, with a dual side mounted, force cancelling driver array and doubles the Avalanche 1000DSP power to 1000W RMS. Utilizing a cross coupled invert power supply, we use the negative and positive power supply rails to deliver maximum current to each amp module independently, coping without strain on sustained real­programme dynamic peaks.

Then we went mad and made the 1723 Subwoofer 3. Using the same drivers and amp as the Subwoofer 2, we made the cabinet bigger and slot loaded it for maximum output tuned to a ­3dB point of 17Hz. Not for those of a nervous disposition.