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The 1961 series builds on our award winning 1723 series. We have trickled down as much of our 1723 technology as possible and applied all the know-how and tricks we have acquired, leading to a series that offer astounding performance for the money.

1961 are still in the Premium range of speakers. We use high-quality paint and HDF cabinets. No cheap vinyl or simple solutions. We don’t skimp where we know it matters.

All Arendal Sound speakers are built around our beloved waveguide technology; the 1961 series offers a new customized waveguide. It’s not a horn. It’s a properly executed waveguide with a sleek design. It’s an engineering piece of art down to nanometre precision for refined and accurate reproduction of sound. The waveguide delivers the best possible experience not only at your sweetspot, but at the surrounding seating positions as well. Our 1961 waveguide makes a difference and is our hallmark in the speaker industry.

With a waveguide, you need a tweeter. Not an average tweeter. We have used all our know-how from the 1723 series, and we designed a new matching tweeter based on the 1723 tweeter. It’s a 28mm tweeter with high capacity and the detailed sound you expect from Arendal Sound.

Our new customized 5.5″ driver is a high performing woofer that would normally be built into more expensive speakers. Our engineers have done an extraordinary job in creating a dynamic, refined and high performing driver that sounds natural and effortless at any task. The 5.5″ driver in combination with our waveguide-tweeter solution makes the 1961 different.

The 1961 series is packed with high performing products. It starts with the extremely high performing 1961 Tower with quad 5.5″ woofers, matching 1961 Center and 1961 Monitor, and the TriAxial 1961 Surround for an incredible movie or concert experience. Our compact 1961 Bookshelf can be used for small compact stereo setups, or in multiple configurations for home theatre. For the first time, we have launched a new 1961 Height speaker. You can place it on top of the 1961 Tower, mount it on-ceiling or on-wall. It’s your decision.

1961. Building bridges. Premium products for everyone.

“Arendal Sound’s new entry-level range leverages technology from its flagship 1723 Series, but adds tricks of its own, including the company’s first height channel speaker and a new Avalanche IQ amplifier platform with parametric EQ on its sealed and ported subwoofers. System builders are well catered for by a choice of floorstander, monitor, centre, bookshelf and ‘TriAxial’ surround models, and performance across the range showcases a detailed, energetic but neutral approach, equally suited to dramatic movie mixes and nuanced music. Styling and build quality impress too – it’s a speaker series that outshines its price tag.”
EISA International Review panel
61 worldwide magazines


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Even for our 1961 series we opted with HDF (High Density Fiberboards) cabinets over conventional MDF (Medium Density Fiberboards). The reason being a much stiffer cabinet which improves dynamics and sound quality. Premium finishes, no vinyl. New designed puck design rubber feet with Arendal Sound logo engraved. 1961 is built on premium level.

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All 1961 speaker enclosures are designed for optimal sound quality and are based on sealed low-Q designs that provide excellent transient response and dynamics. 1961 Tower also have a high capacity slot port to improve performance and deeper bass.

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Dynamics are king.


We did not cheap out on looks. Cheap plastic pins did not feel right. We custom designed and tooled our own grills including neodymium magnets in both the cabinets and grills, with a protective rubber surface to avoid scratches.

1961 Tower comes with two-piece grills.

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Quality bass starts with quality drivers. Our 5.5″ woofers are High Performing bass drivers which delivers at Premium level standard. Extreme dynamics is key for effortless and thrilling listening experience. Starting from single driver units to whopping quad drivers on the 1961 Tower!

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28mm soft dome built on the award winning 1723 range, with customized waveguide – the trademark of all our speaker designs. Sleek design covering all screws for Premium looks and feeling.

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We took a look at what spikes actually do and then applied straight-forward, uncompromising engineering to deliver an effective, attractive solution that doesn’t cost the earth.

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1961 is our Entry Level Series yet Premium details and performance. No plastic cups on the 1961 speakers, quality aluminum panels with solid speaker terminals.


Luckily for you and for us, Arendal Sound products are extremely durable products which have gone through extreme stress tests during development.


How we do things


Surround speakers has never been the same after Tri-Axial designs from Arendal Sound came to market. Best solution of directivity and dipole design creates big and wide, yet detailed and directive soundstage. It makes a big difference in your system.


1961 Tower

1961 Tower is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a relatively compact tower speaker, but in typical Arendal Sound fashion, it offers dynamics, realism and sound pressure you wouldn’t expect from a speaker this size. Everything about this speaker is custom designed and developed by our engineers, there are no off-the-shelf components found in other speakers. Well, unless you count other Arendal Sound speakers, as its borrowing quite a bit of tech from its larger brothers in the 1723 series. And of course, the cabinets are heavy and sturdy, made in HDF.
Design: 2.5-way
Tweeter: 28 mm
Woofer: 4 x 5,5”
Dimensions: 83.75H x 16.3W x 28.5D cm

1961 Monitor

With many of the same features and sound trickled down from the 1723 Monitor speakers, the 1961 Monitor is sure to impress with its stunning dynamic capabilities, realism and natural sound. Mounting the waveguide tweeter as close as possible to the midranges result in a very good transition in the midrange to tweeter as well as perfect dispersion off-axis. The result is a speaker that is less affected by different room characteristics – so you can enjoy great midrange to tweeter integration in any room.
Design: 2-way
Tweeter: 28 mm
Woofer: 2 x 5,5”
Dimensions: 42.5H x 16.3W x 15.0D cm

1961 Center

The waveguide tweeter in 1961 Center plays a big part in its ability to reproduce a uniform sound not only to the main listening position, but also to the sides. This was one of the reasons why we have utilized a waveguide with uniform dispersion throughout the 1961 series speakers, mounted as close to the midranges as possible, so everyone will enjoy the same great sound. As known from our 1723 series, the dynamics, realism and great focus on voices are trickled down to the 1961 Center speaker.
Design: 2-way
Tweeter: 28 mm
Woofer: 2 x 5,5”
Dimensions: 16.3H x 42.5W x 15.0D cm

1961 Surround

For a fully immersive home theatre experience, the surround channels can really make or break the system. 1961 Surround speakers are based on the same TriAxial design as know from our 1723 series, that give an extraordinary feeling of sitting in the middle of the action. The front baffle is based off our 1961 Bookshelf speaker with the same custom woofer and waveguide tweeter, the side channels utilize a custom built 3” full range speaker that are connected in dipole. This combination ensures a huge sweet spot and perfect matched tonality with the rest of the 1961 series.
Design: TriAxial
Tweeter: 28 mm
Side: 2 x 3”
Woofer: 5,5”
Dimensions: 28.7H x 16.3W x 18.5D cm

1961 Bookshelf

1961 Bookshelf features our custom-built waveguide tweeter and 5.5” woofer, that are shared throughout the 1961 series. Just like the Monitor and Tower speakers, the Bookshelf is made to be equally at home in a home theatre environment and a pure music setup. The materials, drivers and finish are all what you would expect from an Arendal Sound product. Premium grade.
Design: 2-way
Tweeter: 28 mm
Woofer: 5,5”
Dimensions: 28.7H x 16.3W x 15D cm

1961 Height

Introducing 1961 Height, a speaker our customers have been requesting for a long time. A speaker designed for height and Atmos duties in a home theatre, but not at all limited to those applications. It perfectly fits on top of the 1961 Tower speaker for a smart look and good sound integration for the Atmos channels.
Design: 2-way
Tweeter: 28 mm
Woofer: 5,5”
Dimensions: 28.3H x 16.3W x 14.9TD x 10BD cm


All loudspeaker measurements are made in anechoic chamber, measured at 2.83v/1m. The subwoofers are measured at ground plane to get realistic frequency response, measured at 2.83v/1m.


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