How to place the 1961 Heights or 1723 Height S as Atmos channels?

1961 Height

This speaker can be placed on-wall,  on-speaker and on-ceiling. 

The 1961 Height has rubber on its back which protects the surface of the Tower speakers when placed on these.


With a flush wall or ceiling mount, the cables can pass the cable channel without adding space so it stays snug on its surface.




Please note VESA 100 kit is extra and available here.


1723 Height S

This speaker can be placed on your front all, up against the ceiling.

Perfectly 20 degrees aligned front baffle which angles the sound directly to the listening position.


On-Ceiling is also an option to match the original Atmos configurations.


Please note the 1723 Height S has a little too aggressive angle to be placed on top of a Tower speaker. What you will notice is that you get a little too much direct sound from the speaker, and that is not what you want – you want it to bounce off of the ceiling to create the effect of coming from above.


Complete VESA 100 kit included with 1723 Height S. makes installation a breeze.