Which Way Should I Point My Subwoofer?

The fact that our single driver subwoofers have the woofer on the right side, for lack of a better phrase, freaks some people out. But rest assured that it is ok, they will still perform exceptionally well in your space.

To Face the Room, or Not Face the Room

When it comes down to it, subwoofers are low-frequency air pressure devices. They are mostly Omni-direction and emit low-frequency sound waves, or air pressure, in all directions equally. So as long as you have at least 10cm/4 inches between the woofer and the nearest surface, and 5cm/2 inches for the port, you will be ok.

But I Have Dual Subwoofers

Good on you for reaping the benefits of dual subwoofers. Each room is unique with different needs, and often the drivers cannot face the same direction. This is completely fine as long as the above minimum distances are maintained.

Still, Why the Unconventional Design?

At the risk of being frank, we are an unconventional company that aims to not be like everyone else. More importantly, our subwoofers went through many design iterations and painstaking tests before we settled on what provided the best results.