Why No App for 1961 Subwoofers? | Arendal Sound

Why No App for 1961 Subwoofers?

Our subwoofer app is only compatible with the 1723 series subwoofers. Yes, you might be thinking “but brand so-and-so has app compatibility on their entry-level subwoofers”. While that may be true of some competitors, our “entry-level” subwoofers aren’t exactly entry-level in performance.

Bang for Your Buck

The build quality and look of the 1961 subwoofers far exceed that of similarly priced competition. In fact, once you actually touch and interact with them, you will understand the level of value. When it comes to performance, both 1961 models punch well above their price points.

What Really Counts

Personal preference is of course a personal matter, but for most people, performance, build quality, and aesthetics are a priority. During the design process, we aimed to be a few ticks above the competition in each of those categories, while maintaining a competitive price.

But Is It Really Worth It?

Convenience is important for some as well, and we have addressed this by adding an LCD display, an intuitive interface, as well as fine adjustment capability and parametric equalization. After a little experimentation, fiddling at the back of your subwoofer becomes half the fun, and the performance/value ratio opens up a new world of high fidelity bass.