Why Manufacture in China? | Arendal Sound

Why Manufacture in China?

Our speakers are designed in Norway and manufactured at arguably the highest quality speaker-manufacturer in China. Still, that last part might leave a bad taste in a few mouths. So why not manufacture in Norway?


Every consumer wants to get the most out of their money, including us. The reality is that our current manufacturing cost can’t be beaten.  In fact, the savings achieved by manufacturing in China are quite remarkable. In order to have competitive prices, there isn’t much of a choice.


Equally important, the level of quality achieved in our current process is top-notch. We have found higher quality at a more consistent level from Chinese manufacturers than European ones. This is due to years of manufacturing at high volumes, based on an ever-increasingly efficient, polished system that meets our stringent QC requirements.


We are also able to achieve a core expectation of the modern shopper, faster turnaround times. You want your speakers and you want them now, right? In addition, you want them at the highest quality and at the best price. So do we.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on why we have partnered with such a wonderful manufacturer..that happens to be located in China.