White fabric grilles?


Our speakers/subwoofers are only supplied with grilles in black fabric at the moment.





We have tested numerous different white cloths, but they do not meet our requirements in relation to looks without affecting the sound quality. We refuse to launch a product only for the sake of the look, when it affects the actual sound quality of the product. We hold our selves to a high standard in both quality of design & workmanship as well as sound quality. 

White grilles have thus far shown to either; be so thin that the blackness of the driver/tweeter and holes in the grille are easily visible through the fabric, so it does not look good, yet maintaining the same sound quality.

Or; they are thick enough that they look nice, but sound quality suffers – literally reducing several dB in certain frequency areas. While some manufacturers go down this route, we will not.

Work is still in progress and perhaps later at some point, we will launch white grilles as accessories.