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Mixing 1723 and 1961 subwoofers

I have two 1961 s1 subwoofers in the front area of the room and already ordered a 1723 s1 subwoofer to improve multi-seating bass respose. I’m planning to place the 1723 subwoofer in the back. My room is 4.5×6.0x4.0m (WxLxH). Any suggestions for best subwoofer placement and integration between 1723...

In: Technical questions 12 replies last reply 6 months, 1 week ago

Arendal 1723 2S subwoofer

Hi Arendal members, Recently upgrade my subwoofers. Arendal 1723 2S replace 2x Velodyne DD12. The sound is simply amazing. Very tight, deep and controled bass exactly what I want. I was really surprised the woofer is barly move even at higher level and cabinet is rock solid. I’m really happy...

In: Showroom 6 replies last reply 7 months ago

Limiting room EQ frequencies

Hi all :) Have any of you tried liming the room EQ frequencies on your setups? When I first got my Arendal speakers I was really disappointed as I was expecting them to sound MUCH better than my at the time Q Acoustics speakers that I had. I was also...

In: Technical questions 16 replies last reply 7 months ago