Higher density and naturally better damped than MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), using HDF (High Density Fiberboard) results in a sonically inert cabinet. We use no plastic parts.


HDF was also chosen because it can be machined much more precisely than MDF, which is especially important for precision critical areas like the two part HDF & Aluminum waveguide.

Arendal Sound products are using HDF thicknesses ranging from 18 to 50mm throughout the designs, with critical areas like driver mounting and cabinet bases being the thickest.

Internal bracing has been strategically placed to increase overall cabinet strength and limit unwanted panel vibrations that may cause audible colorations. Internal braces are CNC routed to shape to smooth internal airflow and minimize volume losses within the cabinet, whilst maintaining thickness at critical assembly joints.

The final detail for 1723 Tower, Monitor and Center, is to apply a butyl based differential mass damping layer to the inner faces of the cabinet, just to be sure we have damped out every last resonance in the large enclosures. Butyl is not added for 1723 S speakers as these have smaller enclosures and did not give any differences in testbench measuring or audible differences.


Green Sound. Well, you may find a cable strap somewhere in plastic, but all components in Arendal Sound which affect the sound are built up from non-plastic parts, like our high grade aluminium back plates on subwoofers and speakers. Even our logo is in anodized aluminium.


All subwoofers come with rigid rubber feet (M6 threads) which have a strong grip on the floor. You will not have a subwoofer walking around, even if that is impossible due to the sheer mass of our HDF cabinets which are “super quiet”. Put your hand on our speakers whilst they are playing and you will feel very, very little.


Not your average zip cord. All products utilize high count multi-strand wire, braided together. These were not done for looks, but chosen to produce the most consistent impedance possible and electrical current carrying capabilities. The benefit is very low insertion losses without the problems of “skin effect” caused by large diameter wires. This insures that each driver sees what the amplifier intended without additional colorations.


All Arendal Sound 1723 speakers and subwoofers come in four premium finishes;

To ensure the best and long lasting quality, all Arendal Sound speakers use up to 12 layers of paint, consisting of primers and polyurethane paint, hand finished. We use no vinyl, anywhere.

The finish is what you would expect from Hi-End products.

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